I'm just an average everyday guy with creative super-human powers trying to save the city like Luke Cage, from bad visuals.

Birthed from a majestic lab, I trained in higher knowledge to hold 2 degrees; (AAS) Business Management- Marketing from LSC-North Harris, and (AAS) Visual Communications- Video Post Production from LSC-CyFair which helped channel my "Special Abilities"

The "FiveSix or 56" in the name represents an urban area on the northside of Houston, called Greenspoint which I grew up. The bus route, 56 Circular, provided a chauffeur service for me to get to and from my school for the collegiate gifted. I implement the Greenspoint alias into my name to show that positive people with creative abilities can come from an area of town that has a bad & negative representation.

While on this creative Super-Hero path, before she passed I was blessed to be trained and mentored by Kim Abshere, who gave me a spirited painted canvas of my animal totem.......The Bear. I hold to heart that PRICELESS gift, and it pushes and reminds me that "With great creativity comes great responsibility"