I'm just an average everyday guy with a creative eye and a freelancing business mindset. I create digital masterpieces and capture moments in time, from lifestyle events to sports. As a former club DJ, the nightlife made it possible for me to spin my way into obtaining 2 degrees.

  • Business Management- Marketing
  • Visual Communications- Video Post Production

My goal is to offer my freelance creative media services while embracing the concept of the adaptive changing digital media. I have covered and worked in urban entertainment to sports entertainment and most recently covered some of Houston's and San Antonio's popular professional sports teams such as the Houston Texans of the NFL, Ice Cube's BiG3, and the San Antonio Commanders of the AAF. I have a passion for branding and marketing. Multi-media is the key to success in todays socially driven content based system.

The "FiveSix or 56" in the name represents an urban area on the northside of Houston, called Greenspoint, where I grew up. The bus route, 56 Circular, provided a chauffeur service for me to get to and from class while in college.The implementation of the "Greenspoint or 56" alias into my name, was to show that positive people with creative abilities can come from an area of town that has a bad & negative representation.

While on this creative journey, before she passed, I was blessed to be taught and mentored by Kim Abshere, my Advanced Art Instructor. She gave me a sacred & blessed painted canvas of my animal totem.......The Bear. I hold to heart that PRICELESS gift, as It pushes and reminds me to "To create from the Soul". I dedicate my onward success to Kim Abshere. May she continue to be GOD's personal artist.